Quality and Excellence Award Programs Experience

Paul Steel Baldrige Award and other Quality and Excellence Award Programs Experience

Award Program Name


Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (NIST)

Examiner, Senior Examiner, Alumni Examiner;

National Baldrige Award Examiner Trainer;

Longest serving Baldrige Board of Examiners member

HH MRM Dubai Business Award

Juror; Adviser to: training development, consultant certification, award expansion, criteria development; International liaison with major quality/excellence award programs

Singapore Quality and Innovation Awards (SPRING)

International assessor; Award program contributor and adviser

Indonesian Quality Award

Founding contributor; Examiner trainer; Certified Examiner trainer;

Keynote speaker at first award ceremony;  Award program adviser

New Zealand Business Excellence Award (NZBEF)

Award launch team member, strategic planning,

Assessor trainer; Certified consultant trainer

Washington State Quality Award (WSQA)

Founding member; Examiner trainer; Judge;

Board of Directors member; 'Volunteer of the Year'

Chile Calidad (National Quality Award of Chile)

Award program advisor; Conference presenter

Thailand Quality Award

Trained national assessors in systems management consulting

India  - IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award

Adviser to director and assessor training collaborator

International Asian Pacific Quality Award (IAPQA)

Lead Assessor for applicants from more than 20 nations;

Note: Only national winners can apply for the IAPQA awards

Asian Productivity Organization (APO)

Technical resource expert; Examiner training development advisor via APO Centre of Excellence for all Asian nations

Iran National Quality Award (INQA)

Trained Assessors from Ministries of Health and Education

Brunei Darussalam

Hired by Prime Minister to conduct Baldrige Assessment Training for key staff members including award assessors

Malaysia – Prime Minister’s Quality Award (MAMPU)

Trained Malaysian Minister of Planning and staff in award strategy development and assessment principles

Malaysia – Prime Minister Industry Excellence Award

Trained national Assessors; Award keynote speaker;

Trained National Judges in Award Judging Process

Australian Quality Award

Joint venture to market best practice process models and integrated systems technology

Pakistan Prime Minister's Quality Award (PMQA)

Training Contributor

New Zealand Business Development Quality Award (BDQA)

Launch team member; Assessor trainer;

Annual launch speaker with Prime Minister and Commerce Minister


I have been fortunate to contribute to and participate in several of the top quality/excellence award programs worldwide.

If you are from an award program and would like to invite me to contribute . . . I obviously don't know how to say no. Paul Steel

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Paul Steel Baldrige Award and other National Quality and Excellence Award Programs Experience