Excellence: Union Pacific

Paul Steel work experience at Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR)

The more than ten year period that I worked with Union Pacific rates among the top experiences of my career. Wonderful friendships were established and especially with a young quality manager that was assigned to work with me from the beginning. Dennis Duffy envisioned immediately how using the Baldrige Criteria to identify opportunities for improvement would expand his knowledge beyond his operational background to all key organizational processes including leadership, strategy, customer, and knowledge management. More importantly, he saw using the Criteria as a way to build upon and further integrate the the total integrated systems approaches that typify Union Pacific and which were developed in concert with Armand Feigenbaum. Those improved processes and their integration across a vast and complex transportation resulted in billions of dollars of savings accounted for and reported in the Annual Reports to stockholders. Today, Dennis serves as Co-Chairman of Union Pacific Railroad and he attributes the use of the Baldrige Criteria as a major reason for that achievement.

Union Pacific Company Train

Special dinner in Union Pacific Executive Train dining room

Another treasured remembrance is the 1994 newsletter interview below:

Paul Steel - Union Pacific


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