Montgomery County Public School District - Baldrige Winner and Role Model?

Is MCPS a Deserving Baldrige Winner and Role Model?


Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is ranked 9th of 24 Maryland School Districts per SchoolDigger. MCPS received the Baldrige Award by comparing itself to the Baltimore County Pubic Schools (BCPS) which is ranked 17th of 24. This is stated in the first paragraph of the results section MCPS's Baldrige Application.

Please understand that no accusation is being made here. However, some questions need to be asked:

We may never learn what actually what happened. We could speculate that the Team and/or Judges were unaware, were deceived, were incompetent, were coerced, that conflicts of interest played a role, or some combination of these causes. We just don't know. What we do know in retrospect is that MCPS made it quite clear in their opening paragraph in the Results Section of their award application that they were not a national-level or state-level excellent education organizations . . . or, so it would seem.

There are other reasons that may lead some to question MCPS' "role model" classification:

Maybe, MCPS really is a deserving Baldrige Winner and true Role Model for excellence . . . however, it remains difficult for some to accept this until some key questions are answered.


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