Dr. Deming vs Baldrige

Dr. Deming Baldrige-Critical Quotes


A selected portion of Dr. Deming’s response to this Industry Week question: What about the Malcolm Baldrige Award and companies striving for the award? Does that equate to being on a mission to improve quality?


Dr. Deming: "No, nothing could be worse. The evil effect of the Baldrige guidelines on American business can never be measured."



Mary Walton (Author of “Deming Management at Work”) stated the Dr. Deming worried that the Baldrige Award was too results-oriented, fostering a short-term attitude.


This title of an Automotive News article appears to say it all: Deming Calls Baldrige Award ‘Nonsense


Maybe the Baldrige Program leadership proved Dr. Deming correct?

Baldrige Program Failure 2022