Dr. Curt Reimann and Paul Steel

 Dr. Curt Reimann (First Director of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award) and Paul Steel- through the Years


Curt Reimann - Paul Steel

(Left to right: Roy Bauer, Dr. Curt Reimann, Lori Kirkland and Paul Steel)

Dr. Curt Reimann serves as Overseer to a recent international Baldrige site visit led by Paul Steel and including Lori Kirkland and Roy Bauer


To say I was I was fortunate to be selected for the first Malcolm Baldrige Baldrige Board of Examiners is an understatement.

1988 Baldrige Board of Examiners Photos

1988 Original Malcolm Baldrige Board of Examiners including Dr. Curt Reimann (1st row left) and Paul Steel (3rd row right)

Paul Steel and Dr. Curt Reimann (1988 Examiner Training)


Curt Reimann at 2008 Baldrige Examiner Training with Baldrige Foreign Examiners (Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chile) and Paul Steel

(Want to know more about becoming a Baldrige Foreign Examiner? - email me at: ToQual@Gmail.com )


Curt and Paul Poolside in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia

Curt and Paul reminiscing about the Baldrige Award's early years poolside in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Curt Reimann and Paul Steel