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Management by Fact

Organizations depend on the measurement and analysis of performance. Such measurements should derive from the organization's needs and strategy, and they should provide critical data and information about key processes and results. Many types of data and information are needed for performance management. Performance measurement should  focus on student learning, which requires a comprehensive and integrated fact-based system—one that includes input data, environmental data, performance data, comparative/competitive data, workforce data, cost data, process performance, and operational performance measurement. Measurement areas might include students’ backgrounds, learning styles, aspirations, academic strengths and weaknesses, educational progress, classroom and program learning, satisfaction with instruction and services, extracurricular activities, dropout/matriculation rates, and post-graduation success. Examples of appropriate data segmentation include, but are not limited to, segmentation by student learning results, student demographics, and workforce groups.

Analysis refers to extracting larger meaning from data and information to support evaluation, decision making, improvement, and innovation. Analysis entails using data to determine trends, projections, and cause and effect that might not otherwise be evident. Analysis supports a variety of purposes, such as planning, reviewing your overall performance, improving operations, accomplishing change management, and comparing your performance with that of organizations providing similar programs and services or with “best practices benchmarks.

A major consideration in performance improvement and change management involves the selection and use of performance measures or indicators. The measures or indicators you select should best represent the factors that lead to improved student, operational, financial, and societal performance. A comprehensive set of measures or indicators tied to student, stakeholder, and organizational performance requirements provides a clear basis for aligning all processes with your organization’s goals. Measures and indicators may need to support decision making in a rapidly changing environment.

Through the analysis of data from your tracking processes, your measures or indicators themselves may be evaluated and changed to better support your goals.




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The Baldrige Award has stunningly been suspended mid-cycle in 2022 while the EFQM Award is growing!


Baldrige Award Program's total failure is summarized in the chart below: More at Breaking Badrige.

Baldrige Program Failure 2022

Dr. Deming was not a Baldrige 'Fan-Boy'. For example: "Nothing could be worse", "Evil", and "Nonsense" - are just a few of my favorite Dr. Deming's Baldrige-critical quotes.