Focus on Results and Creating Value

Focus on Results and Creating Value - Baldrige Education Core Value

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Focus on Results and Creating Value

An organization’s performance measurements need to focus on key results. Results should be used to create and balance value for your students and for your key stakeholders—the community, parents, employers, your workforce, suppliers, partners, and the public. By creating value for your students and your key stakeholders, your organization contributes to society and to improving overall education performance, and it builds loyalty. To meet the sometimes conflicting and changing aims that balancing value implies, organizational strategy explicitly should include key stakeholder requirements. This will help ensure that plans and actions meet differing stakeholders needs and avoid adverse impacts on any stakeholders. The use of a balanced composite of leading and lagging performance measures offers an effective means to communicate short- and longer-term priorities, monitor actual performance, and provide a clear basis for improving results.



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The Baldrige Award has stunningly been suspended mid-cycle in 2022 while the EFQM Award is growing!


Baldrige Award Program's total failure is summarized in the chart below: More at Breaking Badrige.

Baldrige Program Failure 2022

Dr. Deming was not a Baldrige 'Fan-Boy'. For example: "Nothing could be worse", "Evil", and "Nonsense" - are just a few of my favorite Dr. Deming's Baldrige-critical quotes.