Duplicate Baldrige Core Values

Visionary Leadership and Focus on the Future

It is highly doubtful that the Baldrige Program intended to describe two Core Values which are as highly redundant as the 'Visionary Leadership' and 'Focus on the Future'. However, it appears that is exactly what has happened as evidenced by the comparison below.

Core Values Comparison

Visionary Leadership versus Focus on the Future

Visionary Leadership [16]

Focus on the Future

Your organizationís senior leaders [6] should set directions [8] and create a customer focus [2], clear and visible values, and high expectations. The directions [8], values, and expectations should balance the needs of all your stakeholders [4], [5], [9], [10], [11], [14]. Your leaders [6] should ensure the creation of strategies [8], systems, and methods for achieving performance [15] excellence, stimulating innovation [3], building knowledge and capabilities, and ensuring organizational sustainability [1]. The defined values and strategies [8] should help guide all of your organizationís activities and decisions. Senior leaders [6] should inspire and encourage your entire workforce [5] to contribute, to develop and learn, to be innovative [3], and to embrace change [13]. Senior leaders [6] should be responsible to your organizationís governance body for their actions and performance [15]. The governance body should be responsible ultimately to all your stakeholders [4], [5], [9], [10], [11], [14], for the ethics, actions, and performance [15] of your organization and its senior leaders [6].

Senior leaders [6] should serve as role models through their ethical behavior and their personal involvement in planning [8], communicating, coaching the workforce [5], developing future leaders [7], reviewing organizational performance [15], and recognizing members of your workforce [5]. As role models, they can reinforce ethics, values, and expectations while building leadership, commitment [12], and initiative throughout your organization.

Creating a sustainable [1] organization requires understanding the short- and longer-term factors [8] that affect your organization and marketplace [2]. The pursuit of sustainable growth [1] and sustained [1] performance [15] leadership [16] requires a strong future orientation and a willingness to make long-term commitments [12] to key stakeholders [4], [5], [9], [10], [11], [14]óyour customers [2], workforce [5], suppliers [9], partners [10], and stockholders [11]; the public [14]; and your community [4].

Your organizationís planning [8] should anticipate many factors, such as customersí expectations [2], new business and partnering [10] opportunities, workforce development [5] and hiring needs [5], the increasingly global marketplace [2], technological developments, changes [13] in customer and market segments [2], new business models, evolving regulatory requirements, changes in community and societal expectations and needs [4], and strategic moves [8] by competitors. Strategic objectives [8] and resource allocations need to accommodate these influences. A focus on the future includes developing your leaders [7], workforce [5], and suppliers [9]; accomplishing effective succession planning [7]; creating opportunities for innovation [3]; and anticipating societal responsibilities and concerns [4].

Unmatched terms:

Values, systems, learn, ethics, governance, communication, role models

Unmatched terms:

Regulatory requirements, technological developments, competitors, new business and new business models



         Many to most terms appear to overlap (terms that appear to overlap are highlighted in yellow and numerically mapped)

         Several terms do not appear to overlap (these unmatched terms that do not appear to overlap are highlighted in green)

         Many of the terms that do not overlap should apparently be considered for inclusion in the other Core Value, For example, values, systems, learning, ethics, governance, and communication would appear to fit well into the Focus on the Future core value. Conversely, regulatory requirements, technological developments, competitors, new business, and new business models would appear to fit well into the Visionary Leadership core value.

Observation: It does not appear that Baldrige ever intended for 'Visionary Leadership' and 'Focus on the Future' to be as highly redundant as they are. However, they obviously overlap significantly and the reason may be the same reason that is causing problems for users of the Criteria. the Scoring Guidelines, the other Core Values - bloating or too many words.  If these are actually different Core Values, they need to be reworded to more concisely and effectively clarify to Criteria users how they are different and what their core focus is. Until then . . .

Recommendation: Synthesize the Visionary Leadership and Focus on the Future Core Values into a single Core Value for 2012.

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