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Success in today's ever-changing, globally competitive environment demands agilitya capacity for rapid change and flexibility. Organizations face ever-shorter cycles for the introduction of new/improved products, and nonprofit and government organizations are increasingly being asked to respond rapidly to new or emerging social issues.  Major improvements in response times often require new work systems, simplification of work units and processes, or the ability for rapid changeover from one process to another. A cross-trained and empowered workforce is a vital asset in such a demanding environment.

A major success factor in meeting competitive challenges is the design-to-introduction (product or service feature initiation) or innovation cycle time. To meet the demands of rapidly changing markets, organizations need to carry out stage-to-stage integration (such as concurrent engineering) of activities from research or concept to commercialization or implementation.

All aspects of time performance now are more critical, and cycle time has become a key process measure. Other important benefits can be derived from this focus on time; time improvements often drive simultaneous improvements in work systems, organization, quality, cost, supply-chain integration and productivity.

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