Baldrige and American Workforce Replacement


Do the Baldrige Criteria Strongly Encourage Outsourcing American Workers?


It may appear to be sacrilegious to Baldrige to ask this question . . . however, the changes in the Criteria appear to make a compelling argument that the Baldrige Criteria do indeed severely penalize American organizations that use their workforce to to produce their products, offerings, and services.

The Baldrige Criteria have drastically changed since the early days when they were popular with some key business organizations (see Breaking BADrige). Today, you are penalized by a factor of more than 10 times in the results assessment scoring (see Bad Criteria link in Breaking BADrige) if you you you use your workforce to design and produce your products and services versus outsourcing this work to foreign countries such as Mexico and China. In effect, you get a performance accountability pass if you outsource your key operations to a foreign nation.