Baldrige Supplier Scoring Disparity

Supplier Denier 'Smoking Gun' Pie Chart


Baldrige allocates greater than 99% of its total results scoring weight to half of what an organization needs to do to be successful and it allocates less than 1% of its total results scoring weight to the other half (suppliers) of everything an organization must do to be successful.


When Baldrige was popular with business applicants 25 to 30 years ago, the results scoring allocation for suppliers was more than a quantum level higher than it is today.


Baldrige Supplier Scoring Disparity Pie Chart


Supplier scoring disparity analysis methodology: There are no less than 318 single topic Criteria Results questions in Results Category 7 when you breakdown the complex questions into single topic. There are no more than 3 single topic Criteria Results questions directly related to suppliers. 3 divided by 318 is less than 1%.


Businesses appear to have abandoned the Baldrige Award as shown in the graphic below. Allocating less tan 1% of the overall assessment results scoring weight to supplier results is one of the major reasons why Baldrige does not appear to be beneficial to many businesses. It is not uncommon for a business to spend as much as half or more of its total expenditures on suppliers of goods and services including design, production, contract workers, facilities, maintenace and administrative services such as Human Resources and IT. A company such as Apple may spend as much as 70% on its suppliers . . . yet, Baldrige sees this as deserving less than 1% of the total results scoring weight.


President Reagan established the Baldrige Award in 1987 for the purpose of recognizing world-class excellence and making the United States more competitive. Today, the award program appears to be a total failure in relation to its original purpose. In fact, none of the millions of American manufacturing businesses have applied since 2012 as shown in the Baldrige Award Program Failure Chart below:

Baldrige Award Business Failure Chart


CORRECTIVE ACTION: The Baldrige Overseers have asked that the Baldrige Award Program be redesigned for 2018. This should come as no surprise in light of the disastrous results shown above. Some may question why it took the Overseers so long to act.


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