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The totally integrated System of Baldrige Criteria Response Templates captures and organizes the critical information necessary to effectively answer the key Criteria questions and automatically integrates all information within and across all Baldrige Items helping to ensure a valid assessment with the least amount of effort.

Baldrige Criteria Response Templates

Click to see 2012 Health Care Criteria Response Templates

Get an immediate profile in less than a day of your gaps, conflicted content, and non-integrated content by simply inputting your key response content. Your consultant can't match the results but they will bill you several days to try.


In the Baldrige spirit of breakthrough improvement, several new features have been added including:

Benefits include:


Criteria Response Template Model

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All new for 2012: OrgProfiler. The Organizational Profile (OP) is the basis for all Baldrige assessments. It is a set of "What" questions designed to capture the key attributes of your organization and to guide the assessors by informing them who you are, what you do, and what is important to your success. Everything else in the application needs to be compatible and integrated with it. OrgProfiler ensures that you completely and correctly input the necessary information which automatically integrates to all key topics. Many organizations pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars to help them write their OP. OrgProfiler costs $95 and there is no consultant who can outperform it.

Click to order OrgProfiler online or call 425 633-2690 to order and have it shipped via email. Visa and MasterCard orders ship immediately upon receipt of payment.

Not sure you want to use the Baldrige Criteria? Then this is the tool to answer that question. Worst case scenario: You get a valuable assessment of your organization by simply inputting the information into OrgProfiler.

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