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Criteria Response Templates capture the critical information necessary to answer the key Criteria questions and automatically integrate them within and across all Baldrige Items. Use them at the start to save time and ensure valid input or at the end to verify consistency, integration, and effectiveness of responses.

In the Baldrige spirit of breakthrough improvement, the templates have added several new exciting features including:

Benefits include:

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The 2012 Baldrige Criteria are here . . . and this is the only place where you can see all the changes highlighted word-by-word

2011 Baldrige Criteria                        Baldrige Health Care Criteria                        Baldrige Education Criteria

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Criteria Response Templates Background

About 20 years ago, clients asked for help to accurately capture the information required to effectively respond to the Baldrige Criteria questions. The first templates were hand drawn on white boards and answered many of the key Criteria questions. They soon became popular in the United States and now throughout the world. However, others began to copy this approach. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, it became necessary to automatically align and integrate the information in each template with the information in all the other templates, to the Criteria questions, to the Baldrige Glossary terms, to the Core Values, and to the optional Best Process Excellence Models. No competitor has addressed the integration dimension to this meaningful extent. I am constantly amazed because integration is an assessment scoring dimension for both Process and Results areas of the Criteria. In addition, integration is core to the design of the Baldrige Criteria and all other major forms of excellence criteria (e.g., EFQM). A quote from Rudyard Kipling comes to mind: 

"They copied all they could follow but they couldn't copy my mind, and I left'em sweating and stealing and a year and half behind."


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