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How to Improve the Baldrige Framework

Suppliers and partners are not second class stakeholders. Give them equal status with other major stakeholders (e.g., workforce, customers) by adding a dedicated Suppliers and Partners Focus Category and corresponding results item. Doing this will establish applicant accountability to addressing these stakeholders. The winnersí application summaries (especially healthcare) make a compelling argument that to win the Baldrige Award it is no longer necessary to meaningfully address supplier and partner organizations.

Baldrige Faux Excellence Framework Baldrige stunned the business community in 2001 by deleting all Process and Results Criteria Items dedicated to suppliers. This led to the December 2001 Quality Digest Magazine cover titled: "Is the Baldrige Award Still About Quality". The feature story was written by Richard J. Schonberger a world-acclaimed author and expert in the field of Lean - Six Sigma and World-Class Manufacturing. He cites several flaws in the Criteria including the removal of the Items dedicated to suppliers. Dr. Schonberger's position accurately reflected the sentiment throughout the business community that sustained the already declining award participation rate of the business community. Today, a consensus is growing in other sectors including education and health care that it is important for the Criteria to accountably address the supplier and partner organizations that represent on the order of 50% of their total expenditures. These costs often take the form of management, design, HR, maintenance, contract workforce, IT, customer support, and operational functions.

Action: Baldrige may want to check out the European Model to gain a better perspective of the importance of suppliers and partners to achieving organizational excellence.


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2011 Baldrige Framework

Baldrige Framework - Business Nonprofit

Criteria Structure

The seven Criteria Categories shown in the figure above are subdivided into Items and Areas to Address.


There are 17 Criteria Items in the 7 Framework Categories, each focusing on a major requirement. See Item Format for a graphic describing the Item format and its requirements.

Areas to Address:

Items consist of one or more Areas to Address (Areas). Organizations should address their responses to the specific requirements of these Areas.


Baldrige Health Care Criteria Framework

A Systems Perspective

Baldrige Health Care Framework

See the Baldrige Framework Model - from the perspective of its systems and core processes




Has the Baldrige Award gone out of Business?

For the first time in the 25 year history of the award, there were no Baldrige business applicants
and Criteria degradation and impracticality are looking more and more like the primary causes

2013 Baldrige Applicants Summay

To put this in perspective, not one of the 20 million for-profit businesses in the United States applied for the Baldrige Award this year.


Even worse, the number of applicants has declined 73% for Health Care and 80% for Education since 2010

Source: NIST Baldrige Website

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