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The Baldrige Feedback Report is the primary deliverable that Baldrige Award applicants receive. It contains a comprehensive summary of:


More than 45 examples of Baldrige Feedback Reports are available at: Baldrige Training Case Studies.

Baldrige Feedback Reports serve as a stepping stone for achieving organizational improvement. Their value is dependent upon the validity of the report itself which is in turn dependent upon the competency of the assessment team that wrote the report. Therefore, competent assessors are a prerequisite for a valid Feedback Report.

Feedback Reports are generated at the Consensus and Site Visit stages of the Baldrige Award Program. Applicants that are not selected by the Judges for a Site Validation Visit receive a report based only on the written responses they provide to the Criteria questions.

The Baldrige Award Program requires applicants to write an application that addresses the Baldrige Criteria requirements. Writing the application effectively can be difficult and resource-intensive. This is especially true for organizations writing an application for the first time. It is also true for organizations who have experience writing award applications but who have involved people new to writing a Baldrige Award application. Organizations with these situations may want to consider using the: Baldrige Guide to a Well-Written application.

Has the Baldrige Award gone out of business?

For the first time in the 25 year history of the award, in 2013 there are no Baldrige business applicants
and Criteria degradation and impracticality are looking more and more like the primary causes

2013 Baldrige Applicants Summay

To put this in perspective, not one of the 20 million for-profit businesses in the United States applied for the Baldrige Award this year.


Even worse, the number of applicants has declined 73% for Health Care and 80% for Education since 2010

Source: NIST Baldrige Website

Guide to a Well-Written Baldrige Application (Special 27th Anniversary Edition):

Guide to a Well-Written Baldrige application

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Feedback Reports for organizations not seeking to win an award but focused on improvement are identical to those in the Baldrige Award Program. They also contain a comprehensive summary of:

Although many organizations that do not apply for an award choose to write a Baldrige Application, it is not required to write an application. One common path to rapidly receiving a Baldrige Feedback Report is to use an assessment interview approach where an experienced Examiner or team of Examiners interview key people within an organizations. The information collected is analyzed and a Feedback Report written immediately. Since a Baldrige application usually takes several months to write correctly, the assessment interviews eliminate this delay, organizations can address their improvement opportunities months sooner. Another advantage is that the subject matter experts in an organization do not have to undergo training to become 'Baldrige Experts'. In addition, if the assessment interviews are done onsite, the information captured can be validated in the same manner as a Baldrige Site Visit.

Bottom Line: The assessment interview approach accelerates organizational improvement and minimizes total costs. 

 Request a complete description of the Assessment Interview Approach at Paul Steel contact information.



Baldrige Award Feedback Reports