Baldrige Examiners

More than 430 Baldrige Examiners have been trained in 2013 to assess 22 Award applicants

Why so many?

Baldrige Examiner Featherbedding

There was a time when we had many more applicants and much fewer Examiners.

1988 First Baldrige Examiner Training Class

1988 Original Baldrige Board of Examiners with Dr. Curt Reimann and Paul Steel

Has the Baldrige Award gone out of 'business'?

For the first time in the 25 year history of the award, there are no Baldrige business applicants
and Criteria degradation and impracticality are looking more and more like the primary causes

2013 Baldrige Applicants Summay

To put this in perspective, not one of the 20 million for-profit businesses in the United States applied for the Baldrige Award this year.


Even worse, the number of applicants has declined 73% for Health Care and 80% for Education since 2010

Source: NIST Baldrige Website


Examiner perks have included your very own official 'Baldrige Award Flag' and Bronze Medallion

Examiner Baldrige Award Flag    Baldrige Examiner Medallion