Baldrige Case Study Writing

Have the Baldrige Case Study Results Category Writers Lost the Plot?

Are the Baldrige Case Study writers guilty of decreasing the validity of Applicants' Results assessments and at the same time torturing Examiners? Unfortunately, the answer would appear to be an unqualified Yes.

They do this by guiding applicants to use results presentation formats that hide the most important results information from the Examiners. This requires significant extra effort by the Examiners' to decipher and both trend and comparison data which have the most effect upon the scoring. How the Examiners are punished and the assessment validity decreased is illustrated below.

Note: Each of the three graphics are plotted using the same data.

However, the 'Line Chart" (left) effectively communicates visibly both trend and comparison data.

The Bar Chart converts the visible trends and comparisons to semi-invisible information requiring extra effort to analyze thereby increasing the chances of error; and

The Tabular Format mercilessly tortures Examiners well beyond the capability of 'water boarding' by requiring them to convert the information into a form that reveals the trends and comparisons in a usable format. And, the debilitating effect of the Tabular Format is amplified because the Examiners are already fatigued having spent days assessing the application before arriving at the final Results Category.


Baldrige Results Presentation Formats

Applicants often use the Case Study as a model for writing their applications thus perpetuating an Examiner torture cycle and less than valid assessments.


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