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All 47 Baldrige Training Case Studies

You will find more Baldrige case studies here than anywhere. Even the Baldrige case writing team came to us for a case study to use in writing the 2017 case study.

The Baldrige Training Case Studies provide an excellent medium to introduce organizations and individuals to the type of information needed to respond to the Baldrige Criteria. Each case study was used to train the Baldrige Examiners and they also are used by many organizations internationally and to train internal assessors for purposes of conducting self-assessments. In addition, several universities use them for class assignments. Organizations also use the case studies as models for writing a Baldrige Application.

Click on the blue links below to access the case study on the NIST Baldrige website or to obtain a PDF file copy for case studies not on the NIST or ASQ sites.

Baldrige Case Studies Summary from 1988 to Present

Year Case Study Name Criteria Type
2019 LifeBridge Organ and Tissue Sharing Nonprofit
2018 Green Gateway Business
2017 Arroyo Fresco Health Center (419 employees) Health Care
2016 FitHabits (Health Care Services - 1,800 employees) Business
2015 Casey Comprehensive Care Center for Veterans (Subsidiary of Veterans Administration [VA], less than 300 employees) Nonprofit
2014 Buckeye City Schools (education - K12 school system, 4,000 students) Education
2013 Collin Technologies (small manufacturing - less than 500 employees) Business
2012 Tillingate Living (multi-site senior health care services - 3,700 employees) Health Care
2011 TriView National Bank (small financial services organization - 600 employees) Business
2010 NuGrain Laboratories  (government-owned contractor-operated research laboratory) Nonprofit / Business
2009 Nightingale College of Nursing (undergraduate and graduate nursing education institution) Education
2008 Novel Connect (Mobile phone communication hardware, software, and accessories producer; 4,200 employees) Business
2007 Share Food (Community nonprofit corp. distributes food to food-insecure through 58 member partner agencies, 10.5 FTE) Nonprofit
2006 Arroyo Fresco Community Health Center (11 clinics and 4 mobile service vans, 379 staff members) Health Care
2005 Landmark Dining, Inc. (small specialty restaurant business - 212 employees) Business
2004 Sandy Hill School District (large education institution - 12,687 staff members) Education
2003 GeoOrb Polymers (large manufacturer of polymer raw materials - 978 employees) Business
2002 CapStar Health System (not-for-profit health care system - 4,981 staff members) Health Care
2001 TriView National Bank (small financial services organization - 625 employees) Business
2000 Coyote Community College (educational organization - 1,300 staff members) Education
1999 Collin Technologies (small manufacturing) Business
1998 Gemini Home Health Services (for-profit health care services organization - 643 staff) Health Care
1997 Gateway Estate Lawn Equipment Company (tractor manufacturing organization - 1,650 employees) Business
1996 Southwest Systems Solutions (computer systems service organization - 103 employees) Business
1995 Colony Fasteners (fasteners manufacturing organization - 9,941 employees) Business
1995 Midstate University (university educational organization - 3,000 staff members) Education
1995 Mountainview Health Systems (sanatorium health care organization - 1,402 staff) Health Care
1994 Great Northern (insurance service organization - 1,500 employees) Business
1993 Varifilm (plastic film manufacturing organization - 6,280 employees) Business
1992 Collin Technologies (printed circuit board manufacturer - 178 employees) Business
1992 Incomparable Hotels, Inc.* (187 hotels - 51,000 employees) Business
1992 Peerless Products Corp.* (Roofing materials manufacturer - 3,800 employees) Business
1992 Better Bug Company* (Insect and pest extermination service - 357 employees) Business
1992 Superior Electronics Systems* (Electronics manufacturing organization - 42,000 employees) Business
1992 Liberty Bank II (financial services organization - 750 employees) Business
1991 Alpha Telco (telecommunications service organization - 22,268 employees) Business
1991 Herton Technology - (colorants manufacturing organization - 1,800 employees) Business
1991 Plumbing Fixtures Division* (manufacturing organization - 3,800 employees) Business
1991 Applisoft Corporation* (software and service organization - 1,000 employees) Business
1991 Superior Telemarketing* (telephone-based marketing services organization - 2,115 employees) Business
1991 Chem-A-Co* (chemical manufacturing organization - 7,200 employees) Business
1991 Utility Boiler Division* (boiler manufacturing organization - 11,50 employees) Business
1990 Liberty Bank (financial services organization - 590 employees) Business
1990 Dexco Corporation (manufacturing organization - 4,200 employees) Business
1989 Interstate Telephone Company (service organization - 35,400 employees) Business
1989 Specialty Metals (manufacturing organization - 2,200 employees) Business
1989 PlexiCorp (manufacturing organization - 4,120 employees) Business
1989 Mortality Life and Casualty (insurance service organizations - 18,500 employees) Business
1988 Ace Plastics Company (plastics manufacturing organization - 2,000 employees) Business
1988 Executive Park Hotel and Convention Center (hotel service organization) Business

Note: Case Studies with an asterisk (*) were used for Senior Examiner Training

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and Criteria abandonment of business excellence fundamentals by the Criteria writers looks like the primary cause

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All Baldrige Case Studies from 1988 to present