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Paul has assessed 27 national quality award winners from various countries with awards based on the Baldrige Criteria since 2007 - far more than anyone else. The value of his assessments and the organizations that have used his services are without comparison.

Get a fresh and independent perspective of your organization from someone who is truly experienced. Paul Steel (a current member of the Baldrige Board of Examiners) has done hundreds of Baldrige and EFQM assessments worldwide. He is the only person to serve as a Baldrige Senior Examiner in three different decades. He is also lead assessor for the International Asian Pacific Quality Award (IAPQA) and served three years as the Singapore International Assessor.

Singapore Quality and Innovation Assessment - Paul Steel

Serving as the International Assessor on Singapore Quality and Innovation Award site visit teams for three years

Popular assessment options include:

"Assessing management and operational systems and processes is a core competency that I have practiced and refined more than a thousand times since 1981." Paul

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Paul Steel

MISSION: Accelerating the total organizational improvement rate beyond the capabilities of all Business Excellence approaches combined. Paul


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