Baldrige Site Visit

The best and most valid Baldrige improvement findings result from a site (validation) visit. A site visit is often done as a follow-up to an assessment of a written application that serves to verify the findings. A site visit can also be done without writing an application saving unproductive resources.

Photos from some actual site visits:

 080308 Saudi Site Visit - Roy Bauer - Curt Reimann - Lori Kirkland - Paul Steel 070418 Saudi Arabia National Attire - Lori Paul Roy 060531 Saudi Health Care Senior Leader Meeting - Paul Steel

Dr. Curt Reimann (First Director ('Father') of the Baldrige National Quality Award) serves as Overseer to a international Baldrige health care site visit team with Roy Bauer, Lori Kirkland, and led by Paul Steel

Also shown, team in national attire photo from the site visit and the senior leader Feedback Report meeting from the site visit

 030612 Premier - Paul Steel - Lori Kirkland - Thom Schamberger 030612 Premier Site Visit - Lori Kirkland 030612 Premier Site Visit - Paul Steel 

Paul Steel, Lori Kirkland, and Thom Schamberger at Premier, Inc. internal site visit

2008 Agnesian HealthCare B  2008 Agnesian HealthCare

Paul Steel with Agnesian HealthCare senior leaders during internal site visit in October 2008

030813 Bronson - Lori Kirkland - Michele Serbenski - Paul Steel

Lori Kirkland, Michele Serbenski, and Paul Steel at Bronson internal site visit

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