Baldrige Site Visit Preparation

Build on your Consensus Assessment and Ensure a Valid Outcome

A site visit should be both a valuable and fun experience for your organization. Preparation is the key to building on what the team knows when it arrives and ensuring you receive a valid assessment. Baldrige Site Visit Team members are selected to ensure objectivity and will come from different sectors. You and the people helping you may have become too close to your application to simulate the external objectivity of the Baldrige team. If you want a fresh look from someone who has served several times both as a Baldrige Team Leader and also as a successful applicant coach, call me to learn more about how this can be done.  

An effective site visit simulation complete with comprehensive feedback can be done in a few of days including the real-time coaching necessary to prepare you in a manner that enables you to become confident, to enjoy the site visit experience, and most importantly to receive a valid outcome.

Your organization has invested significant resources to prepare for an all important site visit based on the Baldrige Criteria. I've worked with 30+ Baldrige and other national award winners since 2007. And, I'd like to share what I've learned with your organization. Paul Steel

Not using the Baldrige Criteria? You do not need to use them to get a complete Baldrige assessment and or site validation visit. Call to learn more.

Here are some photos from site visits at Premier, Bronson, Singapore, Indonesia, Xerox of Europe, and in Saudi Arabia.

 080308 Saudi Site Visit - Roy Bauer - Curt Reimann - Lori Kirkland - Paul Steel

Curt Reimann ('Father' of the Baldrige Award - 2nd from left) serves as Overseer to Paul's international site visit team including Lori Kirkland and Roy Bauer

Singapore Quality and Innovation Assessment - Paul Steel

Serving as the International Assessor on a SPRING Singapore Quality Award (SQA) site visit teams for three years has been very enjoyable and fulfilling.

Special 27th Anniversary Bundle Editions

2016 Guide to a Well-Written Baldrige Application and 2016 Site Visit Preparation Guide

Guide to a Well-Written Application                               Site Visit Preparation Guide



 030612 Premier - Paul Steel - Lori Kirkland - Thom Schamberger 030612 Premier Site Visit - Paul Steel 

Paul Steel, Lori Kirkland, and Thom Schamberger at Premier, Inc. internal site visit

2008 Agnesian HealthCare B  2008 Agnesian HealthCare

Paul Steel with Agnesian HealthCare senior leaders during internal site visit

030813 Bronson - Lori Kirkland - Michele Serbenski - Paul Steel

Lori Kirkland, Michele Serbenski, and Paul Steel at Bronson internal site visit

 070418 Saudi Arabia National Attire - Lori Paul Roy

Paul Steel and Lori Kirkland at Saudi Arabia Hospital site visit - Click to see the special "after photo" in Saudi Arabian national attire


TELKOM Indonesia Assessment Team

Leading Baldrige Site Visit Teams several times, leading internal site visit teams more than 100 times, and preparing organizations for site visits more than 85 times, has given me in-depth understanding of what is most important from both perspectives. I enjoy nothing more than sharing what I've learned with organizations that are serious about improvement. Paul Steel.

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Baldrige Site Visit Preparation