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My presentations strive to deliver practical knowledge and the capability to use it. Conceptual knowledge is important but by itself it is not actionable. This is not easy to do but it is what needs to be done to be effective. Anything less is merely perishable inspiration. Engaging an audience is a set of challenges that vary with the expectations of each participant and organization. What works well today may not work as well tomorrow. Real-time flexibility is often needed as well as a lot of experience to be successful.

I'm Paul Steel and I can offer almost any type of talk, seminar, or workshop related to organizational improvement. I am able to share what I've learned from assessing hundreds of the world's top organizations and from working with the two of the best quality gurus (Dr. Edwards Deming and Dr. Armand Feigenbaum) and personal exchanges with Dr. Joseph Juran. I have assessed dozens national and international excellence award winners (Baldrige and EFQM) since 2007 - far more than anyone else. More than the valuable insight I gain, I strive to enable participants to actually use what they learn when they return to their organization. I do this by demonstrating the tools they need and train them using simulated exercises.

The topics to select from is unlimited but the focus is always on accelerating the rate of organizational improvement and cost reduction beyond the capabilities of the Continuous Improvement and Business Excellence approaches used by the masses. Please call me at  (1 425 444-4386) or email to discuss how I can contribute to enabling your organization to meet its goals.


  • Please find some examples of my presentation experiences following. It includes more than 200 presentations worldwide as well as more than 300 in-house programs.


  • I enjoy the diversity of the great places and people I get to visit and work with around the world. Please enjoy the photos from some of those places below:

    2011 UiTM Education Seminar

    There is no reason to not have fun as exemplified at this "Education's Journey to World Class Excellence" Seminar at the Malaysia's largest university

    Univ Chile Lecture - Paul Steel

    Guest lecture on "Excellence and Competitiveness" at University of Chile Business School of Economics (November 2010)

    UiTM - Malaysian Prime Minister Quality Award

    Paul Steel invited to hold Malaysian Prime Minister's Quality Award at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) after Educational Leadership Excellence presentation in Shah Alam, Malaysia with Malaysian Ceremonial Kings Photos


     Indonesia BUMN Conference - Paul Steel

    Achieving Leadership Excellence to Improve Competitiveness and Sustain and Grow Profitability by Paul Steel at FEB BUMN Indonesia Conference

    NASA Stennie Space Center-Paul Steel

    Strategic Action Plan Execution and Best Performance Measures Selection Workshop - NASA - May 2010

    090721 KL HC Quality Conference - Paul Steel Chairman

    Paul Steel chairing and presenting International Health Care Conference with national health care Quality Leaders from ISQua, ASQua, APHM, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, United States, and India

     Dubai Higher Education Seminar - Paul Steel

    Achieving Excellence in Higher Education - top education leaders from Ahlia University (Bahrain), University of Jordan, Qatar University, Australian College Kuwait, Jubail Industrial College and the Bahrain Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET) with Paul Steel in Dubai

        PTT Senior leaders and Paul Steel

    PTT CEO and President with Paul Steel at PTT TQA Launch - Bangkok, Thailand


      Thai MOF Director - Paul Steel

    Achieving Public Sector Excellence Presentation - Dr. Areepong Bhoochaoom, Director General Thailand Ministry of Finance


     KL Public Sector Excellence Conference - Paul Steel

    Achieving World-Class Public Sector Excellence and Achieving World-Class Education Excellence Seminar - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


     Singapore MOE Assessor Sharing Workshop - Paul Steel

    Singapore has been rich with SPRING- and Ministry of Education-sponsored events


      060913 Saudi Self-Assessment Training

     Saudi National Attire, 'Achieving World-Class Excellence' presentation, self-assessment training, and public seminar events - Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

    Academic credentials:

    • Adjunct Professor in Process Management at Seattle Pacific University

    • Visiting Professor in UPH (Jakarta) Industrial Engineering Quality Management Program

    • Fiji National University faculty - Baldrige Assessment Training

    • Masters degrees in Business and Engineering

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    Paul Steel

    MISSION: Accelerating the total organizational improvement rate beyond the capabilities of all Business Excellence approaches combined. Paul



    Baldrige Seminars, Symposiums, Conferences, Workshops, Lectures, Speeches and Presentations