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Stunning US and International Decline of Business Participation in the Baldrige Award

The Baldrige Award which was created by President Reagan to be a world-class business excellence award to improve America’s competitiveness. The bad news is that the graphic below shows “Zero Participation” after strong initial participation.

Baldrige Failure as a Business Excellence Award

Baldrige-based business excellence awards are also declining rapidly internationally based on my work with more than 30 national awards in the past three years. EFQM is now the clear leader of the majority of nations.

Dubai MRM Business Award Events

  2012 Dubai Crown Prince - Paul Steel    2012 MRM Juror Recognition Certificate - Paul Steel    2012 MRM Ceremony - Curt Reimnn - Paul Steel

His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award Recognition (2012 Dubai)

2012 MRM Closing Conference - Paul Steel

2012 MRM Business Award Closing Conference Presenters

  2012 Dubai Leadership Seminar - Paul Steel

2012 Business Leadership Excellence Seminar sponsored by the Dubai Chamber (February 2012)


2011 Dubai Chamber Chairman Recognition

Dubai Chamber of Commerce Chairman Global Excellence Conference Recognition (2011)

2011 MRM International Excellence Conference

2011 MRM International Excellence Conference - Panel Chairman

MRM Dubai Business Award where I was privileged to serve on the jury with HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri (UAE Minister of the Economy):

HHi MRM Dubai Business Award Jury MRM Dubai Business Award Cereony

MRM Dubai Business Award Jury - HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri (UAE Minister of the Economy) and Paul Steel after meeting to select winners of the His Highness Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai Business Award also shown at award ceremony with His Highness


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Paul Steel

MISSION: Accelerating the total organizational improvement rate beyond the capabilities of all Business Excellence approaches combined. Paul

Top this!

Vodafone was my 11th telecommunications client in 11 different countries. I am pleased to report that all eleven achieved their project objectives  . . . which for most of them was to win their 2013 national quality/excellence award . . . thank you Vodafone for keeping the streak alive . . . and, thank you for the special honor of inviting me to work with a truly outstanding organization that never stops improving.

Fiji FBEA Vodafone

2013 Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Quality Awards for Practitioners Workshop with 17 Asian Nations Represented

APO Quality Awards Workshop - Paul Steel

Honored and pleased immensely to serve as APO Technical Expert to this critically important workshop (23-27 September 2013 Bangkok)


It does not get any better than being selected to guide the development of the Asian Productivity Organization's manual to train the Business Excellence Consultants in most Asian nations including members from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, Fiji, Taiwan, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Asian Business Excellence Consulting Course Design Team 


 There is no place like Dubai . . .

   Dubai Mall  Dubai Burj Arab Beach  Dubai Burj Khalifa  Dubai Desert Safari  2012 Burj Arab Fireworks - Paul Steel

My first ties to Dubai include conduction a joint EFQM and Baldrige Best Practice Process Models Seminar. The interest of the participants from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain led to more than 20 enjoyable consulting visits to the Middle East. The photo below was taken at that eventful seminar. 

2005 Dubai Baldrige EFQM Excellence Seminar

Paul Steel at his first Dubai EFQM and Baldrige Best Practice Processes Workshop

The Baldrige, EFQM, Singapore and other national excellence Criteria have opened up the world to me and have allowed me to enjoy visiting and learning about many cultures. Working with many of the best organizations in these great places has allowed me to learn how much about how they have achieved world-class excellence. This webpage celebrates these wonderful experiences with photos and more importantly shares what I have learned from assessing hundreds of organizations in more than 30 countries for over 20 years and also from working with quality gurus Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Armand (Val) Feigenbaum for seven years. Paul Steel

Baldrige Training  
- Thousands more people trained in Self-Assessment than the Baldrige Award Program!
- Almost 2,000 National Award Assessors trained in several countries including US national Baldrige Examiners - Click to learn more

 Dubai Higher Education Excellence Seminar

Dubai Achieving Excellence in Higher Education Seminar - top education leaders from Ahlia University (Bahrain), University of Jordan, Qatar University, Australian College Kuwait, Jubail Industrial College, Saudi Arabia and the Bahrain Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET)


Check out the 2013 -2014 Criteria Changes  

090524 Dr James Harrington - Paul Steel - Dubai

 Dr. James Harrington and Paul Steel at offices of Harrington Middle East in Dubai - part of the Bin Zayed Group.

 (Click to see historic photo of us after our meeting with the Leader and Cleric of Iran's High Committee of the Iran Supreme Council).


Emaar Medical Centre - Paul Steel

Paul Steel at Emaar Medical Centre (world's largest health care clinic) with Lorna Linehan - Director

The Baldrige Business Model

A new and improved approach to the old Baldrige Framework - from the perspective of its systems and processes


A Total Integrated Excellence System

Each process in the Total Baldrige Integrated Excellence System is actually a core process that has been updated using knowledge gained from hundreds of assessments of public and private sector and health care and education Criteria users worldwide. These core processes are the 'best of the best'. However, the best processes in the world are useless unless you and your colleagues can accept and implement them. I have 30 years of experience in facilitating implementation of processes and systems while preserving the culture and special needs of various sizes and types of organizations. It is much easier to do than most people think. The key to success is to replace the core of your existing processes which are not capable of best-in-class performance with a best practice core processes. This allows you to preserve everything that works well, everything important to your success, your culture, and everything you are already the expert in.

The core process approach enables organizations to accelerate their overall rate of improvement beyond today's continuous improvement and Business Excellence approaches.

Replacing incapable core processes with highly capable ones causes a shift in your improvement rate from gradual to breakthrough. I can do this for you for any process or system in the graphic or I can teach you how to do it. Please contact me and I will be pleased to discuss this with you and/or visit with you.


Baldrige International

I have made 24 work visits to the Middle East since early 2006 and it has become a second home for me since first working in Bahrain in 1999.

 Enjoy the photos from organizations in some of the more than 30 countries that have invited me to contribute to their pursuit of excellence

Baldrige Excellence international - work and photo links


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070418 Saudi Arabia National Attire - Lori Paul Roy

SAUDI ARABIA: Paul Steel (third from right) with Baldrige Site Visit Team in Saudi National Attire after 'Achieving World-Class Excellence' presentation, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Iran Ministry of Health Training

IRAN: Paul Steel - Iran Ministry of Health Organizational Excellence Seminar (Total Integrated Health Care Management System) - Tehran

090115 Bahrain Polytechnic EFQM Baldrige Workshop  

BAHRAIN: Paul Steel shown at EFQM-Baldrige Best Practice Processes Workshop - Bahrain Polytechnic


UiTM - Malaysian Prime Minister Quality Award

MALAYSIA: Paul Steel invited to hold Malaysian Prime Minister's Quality Award at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) in Shah Alam, Malaysia with Malaysian Ceremonial Kings Photos


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