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I have been fortunate to travel to and work in Indonesia 30 times since 2001. The photo below is my first assignment conducting Baldrige Self-Assessment Training for PT Telkom. Telkom asked me to lead Assessment Site Visits for 6 weeks at the end of the training. I have now worked more than one year of my life in Indonesia.

2001 TELKOM Self Assessment Training - Paul Steel

Top this!

Vodafone was my 11th telecommunications client in 11 different countries. I am pleased to report that all eleven achieved their project objectives  . . . which for most of them was to win their 2013 national quality/excellence award . . . thank you Vodafone for keeping the streak alive . . . and, thank you for the special honor of inviting me to work with a truly outstanding organization that never stops improving.

Fiji FBEA Vodafone

Indonesian Excellence Conference

2012 PLN Seminar - Paul Steel


PT Muma Contact Information: PT. MUMA; Address: Jl. Beunteur No. 1, Buahbatu Bandung INDONESIA

Email: Best@PT-Muma.com  Phone : +62-22-7337447; Fax:+62-22-87240225; Mobile phone: 08122009255 (Bilal Nasution); Mobile phone: 08122071474 (Sugiharto)

Indonesia Events with Paul Steel


2012 PLN Seminar - Paul J Steel

PLN Seminar

2012 Telkom Seminar - Paul Steel 4    2012 PT Telkom Seminar Recognition - Paul Steel

PT Telkom Seminar

 2011 PT Muma Semianr - Paul Steel 

The Business Excellence seminar in Jakarta and sponsored by PT MUMA was special with leaders from banking, mining, steel, petroleum, telecommunications and other sectors participating.


2013 Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Quality Awards for Practitioners Workshop with 17 Asian Nations Represented

APO Quality Awards Workshop - Paul Steel

Honored and pleased immensely to serve as APO Technical Expert to this critically important workshop (23-27 September 2013 Bangkok)


Baldrige Excellence Resources

It does not get any better than being selected by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) to guide the development of the Asian Productivity Organization's Business Excellence Consulting Manual to train the Business Excellence Consultants in most Asian nations including members from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, Fiji, Taiwan, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

Asian Business Excellence Consulting Course Design Team 


I am grateful to the Indonesian Government especially the Ministry of State-Owned Companies (BUMN), Ministry of Manpower (Private and Government (public) agencies), APO (Asian Productivity Organization), the Indonesian Quality Award Foundation (IQA), and private organizations such as PT TELKOM Indonesia for sponsoring my enjoyable and memorable work every year since 2001 throughout the many islands in the wonderful country of Indonesia. The special honor of working with the government, TELKOM and the many national Indonesian Quality Award Examiners will always be greatly appreciated. Paul Steel

090618 FEB BUMN Conference 1 090618 TELKOM CEO Rinaldi and Paul Steel 

Achieving Leadership Excellence to Improve Competitiveness and Sustain and Grow Profitability at FEB BUMN Conference - Speech congratulations extended by PT TELKOM CEO - Jakarta, Indonesia

The Baldrige, EFQM, Singapore and other national excellence Criteria have opened up the world to me and have allowed me to enjoy visiting and learning about many cultures. Working with many of the best organizations in these great places has allowed me to learn how much about how they have achieved world-class excellence. This webpage celebrates these wonderful experiences with photos and more importantly shares what I have learned from assessing hundreds of organizations in more than 30 countries for over 20 years and also from working with Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Armand (Val) Feigenbaum for seven years. Paul Steel

Universiti Pelita Harapan Banner - Paul Steel UPH Graduate School Lecture - Paul Steel UPH Faculty and Paul Steel

Visiting Professor Paul Steel delivering Graduate School and Undergraduate Lectures on Achieving World-Class Excellences and with faculty at Universitas Pelita Harapan - Jakarta, Indonesia

  Indonesia Sharing from Expert Symposium

"Sharing From Expert" Symposium led by Paul Steel - Jakarta, Indonesia - sponsored by FEB BUMN

  Firsti IQA Ceremony Speech - Paul Steel - Bali IQA Ceremony Bali Suguharto - Paul Steel

"Reinventing Indonesia Through Excellence" address given by Paul Steel to State-Owned Companies CEOs at First Indonesian Quality Award Ceremony with Minister State Owned Companies - Bali


2001 TELKOM Indonesia Assessment Team

The Baldrige Management Model

A new and improved approach to the old Baldrige Framework - from the perspective of its systems and processes


A Total Integrated Excellence System

Each process in the Total Baldrige Integrated Excellence System is actually a core process that has been updated using knowledge gained from hundreds of assessments of public and private sector and health care and education Criteria users worldwide. These core processes are the 'best of the best'. However, the best processes in the world are useless unless you and your colleagues can accept and implement them. I have 30 years of experience in facilitating implementation of processes and systems while preserving the culture and special needs of various sizes and types of organizations. It is much easier to do than most people think. The key to success is to replace the core of your existing processes which are not capable of best-in-class performance with a best practice core processes. This allows you to preserve everything that works well, everything important to your success, your culture, and everything you are already the expert in.

Replacing incapable core processes with highly capable ones causes a shift in your improvement rate from gradual to breakthrough. I can do this for you for any process or system in the graphic or I can teach you how to do it. Please contact me and I will be pleased to discuss this with you or visit with you.

Baldrige International

 Enjoy the photo links below from organizations in some of the more than 30 countries that have invited me to contribute to their pursuit of excellence:

Baldrige Excellence international - work and photo links


Middle East


Latin America









Costa Rica

New Zealand




Puerto Rico






Saudi Arabia




Dubai - United Arab Emirates


South America





Brasil / Brazil

North America



United Kingdom





United States




Make Baldrige application writing easy with the Integrated Criteria Response Templates


Meet some of Indonesia's NIST Baldrige-Trained Examiners

2008 Baldrige Examiner Training

2008 NIST Baldrige Examiner Training - Achwan Effendi (2nd from left), Dr. Curt Reimann (Father of Baldrige Award), Paul Steel (May 2008, Washington, DC). Also shown are Baldrige Foreign Examiners from Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

 Dr Harry Hertz - Agus Tato - Ricky S. - Paul Steel  

2007 NIST Baldrige Examiner Training: Agus Tato, Dr. Harry Hertz, Ricky Siahaan, and Paul Steel (16 May 2007, Washington, DC)

 More people trained Baldrige Self-Assessment than the Baldrige Award Program - Click to learn more

Indonesian Baldrige TrainingMake sure your organization receives its Baldrige training from a Senior Baldrige Examiner. Only Senior Examiners receive Team Leader training which changes each year.  I have worked hundreds of days in Indonesia since 2000 and enjoyed every minute.

I am very proud that the people and organizations that I have trained and consulted with have progressed to the highest Baldrige levels in Indonesia because they agree with my focus on process excellence. I also enjoy contributing in any way I can to the national program to increase the use of the Baldrige Criteria (MBCfPE) nationwide. Please contact me if you would like to meet to discuss how your organization can benefit from using the Kriteria Baldrige. As a Malcolm Baldrige Senior Examiner, I enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to contribute my Baldrige Award experience and Indonesian experience to your organization's success. See photos of many of the more than 700 Indonesians I have trained across Indonesia since 2001.Click here to see why you want Paul Steel to conduct your Baldrige Training.


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