Asian Productivity Organization (APO) 'Evolution of Excellence' Presentation

Paul Steel: Asian Productivity Organization (APO) conference address - The Evolution of Excellence

In his address 'The Evolution of Excellence' Paul Steel traced the history of excellence from its early roots to today's most effective approaches including the crucial roles of the Baldrige Criteria and best practice management processes which he demonstrated and provided to international attendees from more than Asian twenty nations.

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Paul Steel 2008Paul Steel - original 1988 NIST Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner, longest serving active member of NIST Board of Examiners. 2009 NIST Baldrige Senior Examiner trained, EFQM experienced, and a management systems consultant since 1981.

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I am pleased to announce my reappointment as Judge / Examiner for the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (IAPQO) where I review the applications of winners from the various Asia Pacific nations.  Paul Steel