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Breaking Badrige:

There will be no Christmas for Baldrige Education winner Montgomery County Public Schools this year . . . here's why . . . the School Board has apparently found and widely deployed an innovative way to dissatisfy students, parents, every religious group, and all other stakeholders.

The number of Baldrige Award Education applicants has dropped 80% since 2010

Is the Baldrige Award Program Relevance in Question?

For the first time in the 27 year history of the award, there were no Baldrige business applicants
and Criteria degradation and impracticality are looking more and more like the primary causes

2013 Baldrige Applicants Summay

Adjunct Professor in Process Management at Seattle Pacific University, Business Excellence Instructor at Fiji National University, Visiting Graduate School Professor in the Industrial Engineering Quality Management Program UPH, Jakarta, Fiji National University faculty member, and member of the Global Indian International School Centre of Educational Excellence Board of Directors . . . I never imagined or targeted achieving any of these but I am guilty of aggressively sharing what I've learned from some of the best teachers and mentors including Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Armand (Val) Feigenbaum whom I worked with for seven years.

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2011 Singapore Quality Award Education Winners

  • Nanyang Polytechnic; [Public Sector - 2011 Education winner]; (Summary Report)

  • Raffles Institution; [Private Sector - 2011 Education winner]; (Summary Report)

2010 Baldrige Award Education Winners - Recipients

2008 Baldrige Award Education Winners - Recipients

2005 Baldrige Award Education Winners - Recipients

2005 Singapore Quality Award Education Winners

  • Institute of Technical Education; [Public Sector 2005 Education winner]; (Summary Report)

2004 Baldrige Award Education Winners - Recipients

2001 Baldrige Award Education Winners - Recipients

The 2013 Education Criteria are in need of major improvement

The marked decline in Education applicants signals a need for immediate action

Baldrige Education Applicants Trend Summary

In contrast, the Singapore (a world education leader) and several other major national award programs based on the Baldrige Criteria have successful in growing and sustaining engagement of their education applicants

"Fix the Criteria and they will come"

Baldrige has been increasingly unsuccessful in engaging both education and business applicants

Baldrige Profit versus Nonprofit Applicants

"Here are some major problems that users say needs to be addressed to restore the prestige of the Baldrige Program"

The sharp overall decline in applicants especially in the Education and Business sectors (below) signals that more than more than tweaks and patches are needed to the Criteria and other award-related processes

  2012 Baldrige Business Applicants Trend Summary

Baldrige-based improvement accelerated and made practical from the most experienced source



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Paul Steel

MISSION: Accelerating the total organizational improvement rate beyond the capabilities of all Business Excellence approaches combined. Paul



Examples of Recent Education Projects

2012 FBEA Evaluator Training - Paul Steel

Hired by Fiji National University as instructor to train National Quality Award Assessors - 2012

Univ Chile Lecture - Paul Steel

Guest lecture on "Excellence and Competitiveness" at University of Chile Business School of Economics


I have been privileged to work for several years with key educational leaders and Ministry of Education officials in Malaysia. The photo below is special in that Malaysia's largest university invited me to pose with their Prime Minister's Quality Award in front of a mural of the Malaysian Kings who automatically become University Chancellor.

UiTM - Malaysian Prime Minister Quality Award

Invited after training to hold Malaysian Prime Minister's Quality Award at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) in Shah Alam, Malaysia with Malaysian Ceremonial Kings Photos


United Arab Emirates: The photos below are from Dubai

2009 Baldrige Higher Education Excellence Seminar

Achieving Excellence in Higher Education - top education leaders from Ahlia University (Bahrain), University of Jordan, Qatar University, Australian College Kuwait, Jubail Industrial College and the Bahrain Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (QAAET) with Paul Steel in Dubai


090304 Singapore Ministry of Education Assessors Sharing Session

Ministry of Education Assessors Sharing Session - 2009 - sponsored by Singapore MOE

090114-15 Bahrain Polytechnic EFQM Baldrige Workshop  

Paul Steel shown at EFQM-Baldrige Best Practice Processes Workshop - Bahrain Polytechnic



090213 KL Education Excellence Seminar - Paul Steel

Achieving World-Class Education Excellence Seminar - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Baldrige Education Workshops, Presentations and Seminars

Interested in Baldrige Workshops, Presentations and Seminars that are not the same old, same old? Learn more here


  Global Indian School International - Paul Steel

Global Indian International School Center For Educational Excellence Orientation

 UPH Graduate School Lecture - Paul Steel

Visiting Professor Paul Steel delivering Graduate School Lectures on Achieving World-Class Excellences at Unviersiti Pelita Harapan - Jakarta, Indonesia

080806 Prince of Songkla University Hospital Consulting 

Prince of Songkla University Baldrige Excellence Consulting Project - Hat Yai, Thailand

Sister Flaviano - Paul Steel - Carmel College

Sister Flaviano of Carmel Junior College (Jamshedpur, India) - World-Class APQO Education Winner with Paul Steel APQO Lead Assessor in Tehran

Other major Education events and projects:

 Baldrige Education Seminar - Malaysia - Paul Steel

Achieving World-Class Educational Excellence seminar for Asian education leaders - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Army Management Staff College - Paul Steel

Baldrige Excellence Consulting Project with US Army Management Staff College, Fort Belvoir





Baldrige Education Excellence Resources