Total Integrated Baldrige Excellence System

An integrated system of Baldrige CORE best practice processes and systems

(Available for key Baldrige and EFQM Criteria Processes - Business, Education, Health Care, Public and Private Sector versions)

Breakthrough simplicity in achieving best-in-class performance excellence

Replacing the heart of your existing processes with core best processes and totally integrating them is the easiest, fastest, and the lowest cost approach to achieving and sustaining best-in-class excellence. Why? Because, everything is a process or part of a process and every process requires  a core process that is capable of excellent performance and knowledge that is correct, complete, and readily usable to function to its full capability. If anyone tries to make managing your organization more complex than this, they are slowing your rate of improvement and wasting your resources.

So, that means you need to obtain the best core processes and the required knowledge to optimize your organization's performance and this is the place for them. Unfortunately, most people fall victim to the paradigm that there are no best processes that will work in a variety of industries and cultures. They are deceived because they are looking at the differences from one organization to another and they do not see through to the core process that are the same for excellent organizations. Simply stated, what it takes to be the best at leadership, strategy development, and all other key processes is the same for all types and sizes of organizations including health care, education, public sector, nonprofit, or business.

Bring a total integrated management excellence system to life in your organization. One that addresses your excellence needs by simply answering questions using core best process response models to totally integrate all the key processes of your organization. FYI, the slow, painful and expensive approach to achieving excellence often goes by the name 'continuous improvement' and its advocates are often passionate and incorrigible.  

What does a totally integrated excellence management system of best processes look like when you are done? It looks somewhat like what you see in the graphic below except that it will be adapted to what you do and in your organization's terminology. 


The graphic below depicts the Baldrige Framework in terms of its key processes and systems.

Total Integrated Baldrige Excellence System

Baldrige Excellence Model

Why do more than 80% of the Criteria questions begin with "How"? Maybe it's because everything is a process or at least a part of a process. Each process in the Total Baldrige Integrated Excellence System is actually a core process that has been updated using knowledge gained from hundreds of assessments of public and private sector and health care and education Criteria users worldwide. These core processes are the 'best of the best'. However, the best processes in the world are useless unless you and your colleagues can accept and implement them. I have 30 years of experience in facilitating implementation of processes and systems while preserving the culture and special needs of various sizes and types of organizations. It is much easier to do than most people think. The key to success is to replace the core of your existing processes which are not capable of best-in-class performance with a best practice core processes. This allows you to preserve everything that works well, everything important to your success, your culture, and everything you are already the expert in.

Replacing incapable core processes with highly capable ones causes a shift in your improvement rate from gradual to breakthrough. I can do this for you for any process or system in the graphic or I can teach you how to do it. Please call me and I will be pleased to discuss this with you or visit with you.

Thank you for reading this page.

Paul Steel

MISSION: Accelerate the overall rate of organizational improvement and cost reduction beyond the limitations of today's continuous improvement and Business Excellence approaches.

The Total Baldrige Management Excellence System enables you to readily detect and remedy causes of mediocrity by comparing your management operating system step-by-step to a total integrated management operating system comprised of best practice management processes learned from hundreds of assessments of many the world's most excellent organizations. Other benefits include:

Like an 'operating system' for a computer, the Total Baldrige Excellence Management System is a 'operating system' for running your organization. You can upgrade your existing management operating system, completely redesign your current system, or even launch a new business or division/department from scratch using it.

It has been said that "opportunity occurs infrequently and it prefers a prepared mind".  If you are ready for breakthrough improvement, the time is now. If you are constrained to a "continuous improvement", this is not for you.

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We can also work side-by-side with a cross-functional team of your process owners and customers to adapt, upgrade, gain acceptance, train, and implement the processes/systems of your choice to world-class performance competency.

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